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Apellation:HF-740T Phased set APP
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Functions and operation instructions of phased set software

1.Photographing function
Open the camera software APP installed, double-click previous/next to control the photographing function of your mobile phone.

2.Real-time Broadcast
In standby status or music mode, double click previous/next buttons to get the real time.

3.Message voice reading
In standby mode,open the APP phased software,choose voice reading the message,the message will be automatically read when message got,repeat to cancel speech read text messages . ( Please state when there is no headphone be turned off to prevent leakage of important information content )

4.Battery level display
The battery level icon will be displayed on mobile phone desktop,detecting the real battery power level and remind you to charge the headset in time.

Download and Use the APP (Only suitable with mobile phone of Android system)
A.Connect your mobile phone to PC with data cable, download the HNK V1.3 APK to your phone.
B.Open the mobile phone application,choose "My documents" and "SDCARD0" to search for HNK V 1.3.apk to install. (If right prompt for installation, please set the phone to allow it)
C.After installation, drag the application icon from auxiliary screen to main screen, and now it is ready for use.


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